Our Family

Meet our Horses


  • Age: 28
  • Color: Palomino
  • Breed/Sex: Quarter Horse/Gelding
  • Size: 15’2 Hands

Clyde was donated to the program by a generous Iowa family. Clyde had many jobs in the rodeo world, breakaway roping, heeling, heading, barrels, goats, and even a queen horse. He is a big blonde puppy dog and loves attention. He’ll be the first to greet you and would crawl in your lap if you let him. He’s never met a stranger he doesn’t like and opens his heart to everyone. Clyde is patient, handsome, and trustworthy. He’s brought so much to our program and we’re so thankful to have him.


  • Age: 23
  • Color: Bay with dapples
  • Breed/Sex: Quarter Horse/Gelding
  • Size: 15’1

Twister came to the program from a donor Ms. Kelly competed at rodeos with, they were even travel buddies at times. He is a pro level head horse, but it was time for him to retire.  Twister does have navicular and requires special shoes and maintenance to keep him comfortable.  Twister is the herd boss, in a kind-hearted way.  He also protects the herd and the other horses take his lead.  As a leader Twister shows the kids what respect and confidence are all about.  Twister still has a lot of go and will remain with the more advanced kids.  We are so blessed to have such an awesome horse in the program.


  • Age: 20
  • Color: Strawberry Roan
  • Breed/Sex: Quarter Horse/Gelding
  • Size: 15 Hands

Titus came to GodSpeed from a generous rodeo family that did not want to see him just sit. They knew he could help kids. Titus has run Barrels, done grand entries carrying flags, and has been a lesson horse and occasionally roped on. Today he just wants to be loved. He’ll watch and read the kids wondering if he will be treated with the care, respect, and dignity he deserves. With a horse like Titus, students learn by us sharing Titus’ story and background. We explain why Titus is the way he is and how he reacts to previous bad experiences. The kids can make the connection with Titus and know they are not alone. We’re thankful that Titus is building trust, and we’ll continue to show him he is safe and loved.


  • Age: 16
  • Color: Bay with a BIG STAR & Equals sign on his nose
  • Breed/Sex: Quarter Horse/Gelding
  • Size: 15’2 hands

Pistol came to us from Ms. Kelly’s same rock star friend who donated Ralph. He is a barrel horse who has won everywhere he competed. Pistol loved his job but was ready to not be on the road full time. He’s very spoiled and knows he is special. Pistol is not your typical barrel horse he loves to go for a stroll around the arena and enjoys being brushed and loved on. And he’s always looking for a treat. He is amazing and we’re so thankful to have him be a part of GodSpeed Equine.


  • Age: 22
  • Color:
  • Breed/Sex: Sorrel Gelding
  • Size:

Shaggy was a heel horse used by all levels of ropers. He lived on the ranch in SW Kansas where he helped tend to the cattle. He loves children and is the kindest horse